How to Migrate sqlite to mysql


I’ve got this installed and I love it but I can’t seem to figure out how to migrate sqlite to mysql. I’ve updated my config.php and then I’ve run php cli db:migrate but nothing changes in mysql when I go look via PHPmyadmin. Any tips would be helpful!


what is your expectation running php cli db:migrate? Are you expecting your old Sqlite data to Migrate over to Mysql? That’s only going to migrate data to newer schema versions within your choosen DB driver. If you are looking to transfer data from Sqlite DB to your Mysql DB, you will need to do that manually. Simplest way, might be to just download your Sqlite DB, and then use some type of converter, never actually done it…maybe someone else knows more than I do!


I just figured that out- I just finished a lot of copy and pasting :+1:



In case it is helpful, here is some reference:

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This worked for me. let me know if anyone has trouble. Worked on 1.2.7