How to work with project template

I’m evaluating Kanboard possibility, and before to start a developpement, I ask the community :

I’m looking for a way to purpose to users to create a project from a template, that come with somes predefined swimlines and tasks (subtasks).

After install the new project from template, users will have only to customise some properties, and go !

For you, what will be the best way to do it ?

You could create a new project and everybody could copy it as template.

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so simple that I didn’t think of it !
cool. thanks for your help !

We are using this approach for a while now and it works really well.
For our projects we also have a set of default tasks that we copy over this way as well - saves a lot of time and helps remembering everything.
The only (minor) drawback with this is that every copied task has a reference to its parent - but you can remove the references if you want.
You can also hide the template-Projects from other users so these don’t get edited accidentally.

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Great ! thanks a lot for you response.