I/O Requirement For VPS / Shared Hosting

I read requirements from Kanboard Docs:


However, as I understand, the major cause of Kanboard instance to be slowing down is low I/O.

What is the recommended I/O for VPS / Shared Hosting to handle around 25 team members?

And are there any other recommended values for CPU, RAM, IOPs, Entry Processes and Processes?

I don’t like and generally don’t join such philosophical discussions. But take this:

  • What means “slow”?
  • Which I/O speed?
    • Disk
    • Database
    • PHP caching
    • Network
    • Client

Hello Alfred, I’m not that technical, I’m trying to determine which VPS or Shared Hosting to get, which usually publish their cloudlinux limits, consists of I/O , CPU, RAM, IOPs, Entry Processes and Processes.