Can you please recommend a hosting server for Kanboard?

I suppose some of you use hosting service to host your Kanboard program.
Can you please recommend the hosting company that you’ve been using?

We host locally, we only have about 20 users.

Like all hosting, depends on needs. What do you need?

Will need to support 10 to 20 users. But the local servers do not have extra resource to host anything extra. So, I’m looking for a quick solution by hosting Kanboard on the cloud.
I integrated an IT ticketing system with Kanboard via Curl. The ticketing system is written PHP, like Kanboard. The cloud hosting will be hosting Kanboard and this PHP based ticketing system.

Reason I love kanboard is it runs quickly with very little dependencies (looking at you WeKan).

10 to 20 is just fine on shared hosting. If it feels slow when moving tasks, it’s to do with email notification sending which is blocking… Only resource you need to look at is storage if you have a lot of attachments.

My suggestion, if you host anything at the moment, go the same company. Same accounting, simple. If not, get something cheap and local for response time as Kanboard does lots of dynamic loading.

If you need redundancy, shared hosting can do that too. Just take out hosting in 2 zones or with 2 companies.

To add, if you don’t trust the shared hosting, they are fast enough. If you go with Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy they don’t normally oversell that much anymore.

If you’re really concerned about speed, use S3 for the attachments and backup database into S3 as well.

I’ve been using Linode, which is a full virtual machine provider, not a shared host. So there’s a bit more technical setup involved but it’s worked very well for 10 users on the basic plan (2GB RAM, 1 CPU, 50GB disk). I did set up an email relay so that mail notifications don’t slow Kanboard down (like @plague69 suggested).

Thanks for the info. I’ve never heard of Linode, but checked out their website.

The basic plan is called Nanode Plan that costs $5/mo.

The standard plan starts at $10/mo.

Their service appears to be similar to Digital Ocean.

Have you considered using Digital Ocean?


I’ve heard of Digital Ocean but never used their services.

There are few hosting providers listed in the docs: (contributions are welcome to update the list).

Basically, any VPS provider should work fine.

Hi Fred,
Thanks for the link.
I have an account with Digital Ocean for hosting other applications, but I feel Digital Ocean requires almost too much configuration work. So a simpler alternative hosting service would be nice.

VPS is overkill. Digital ocean is VPS style. If you don’t need it, I recommend against using a VPS since you have to manage your software stack as well (OS/DB/PHP/HTTPD, then make sure security is set up properly, SSL certificates installed, user permissions correct for the different services). (Linode is in the same boat).

Unless you need to do anything else apart from Kanboard, cPanel hosting is what you could be looking for. Easy setup and they make sure everything just works up to the web hosting. (Just make sure they have Cron job support)

Yes, Digital Ocean is VPS and requires a lot of work.
I know of cPanel, but have never used it with my Digital Ocean account.

Linode site shows cPanel in their market place, so I wonder if it’s an additional cost item.
Some VPS provide cPanel interface for free (or included in their monthly subscription).
I will check with Linode if it’s a free item.

OK, so it looks like for a simple Kanboard hosting, I would look for a VPS with cPanel included in their monthly subscription.

Can someone share their experience regarding the recommendable hosting for 100s of users with multiple projects.

I am using heroku free dyno and free postgres. If I like to use it for 100s of users what will be the preffered configuration?