Improvement Idea / plugin look up : automatic action for tasks shifting


Good Idea of this forum, I’m using Kanboard since several years now and loved it !

I came here to discuss about an improvement that will make my life easier.

I’m using Kanboard as a personal organisation tools to manage my kanban flow. I’m a developer / geek / devops with lot of idea. I’m continuously changing order of tasks in my board. My current organisation is the following :

  • First col : Backlog (without task limit)
  • Second col : Next sprint (task limit of 16)
  • Third col : Current task (task limit of 8)
  • Fourth col: Work in progress (task limit of 2)
  • Fivest col : Done (unlimited)

If a task is in the “current task” col it mean that this task should be done in a week, if a task is in the “next sprint” col it means it should be done in a maximum of 3 weeks.

My needs is :

  • when a task is added or moved to the “current task” and this col is full. I’d like to automatically move the lowest task in the col to the top of the “Next sprint” col.
  • when the “current task” numner of tasks is lower than the task limit, then the topper task in “next sprint” col should be moved automatically to the bottom of the “current task” col (same for “backlog” and '“next sprint” cols).

I think the best way to answer to this feature, is to create two “automatic action” :

  • When a specific col reach its task limit, move the lower task on top of an another specific col
  • When a specific col is lower than its task limit, move the topper task of another specific col it its bottom.

Do you think it’s a good idea ? Does it exist a plug-in a something that could help me set up this kind of comportment ?

Doesn’t sound too difficult if you need a hand.

Ok, I’ll try to make a PR. I’ve got some things to finish till end of year. But, I’ll try to start that in January… I’ll be back to ask how to set up a dev env :slight_smile:

I was thinking of an extension/plugin.

Check the docs, to get started, and hit me up or send me collaboration to your repo once you start.

It was not very hard, here we go a first version of the plugin that works for me :

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Thanl’s for this plugin :slightly_smiling_face:

I tested it and it seems that the task that is moved is the first in the column. It should be the last. I mean, the task with lowest priority.

Don’t you think ?

The plugin works as I’m working in a kanban workflow. For example, if we consider the board bellow :

The automatic action is configured to src = “Ready” and dest = “Work in progress”

If I move “task 0” to the “done” col, then the “task 2” is automatically moved to the bottom of the col “Work In progress”.

There is also a possibility to push task, in my example if a new task is moved in the “Work in progress” col, the lowest task in this col will automatically be moved to the top of “Ready” col.