Integration with BMC Remedy

Hi All,

I am hoping to integrate Kanboard with BMC’s Remedy ITSM. This would prevent double work in creating a task in Kanbord then going to Remedy and creating the same task. An ideal situation would be to create the task in Kanboard then have it call Remedy web service to create a incident, work order, crq, or task.

Has anyone tried something similar?

I know kanboard can be used to manage other system’s tasks by registering an External Task Provider with a plugin, but I’ve never done this.
However, I have made something similar with Webhooks.
Kanboard will POST a json data with details anytime a task is created, edited, commented, etc. in kanboard. This URL may be any application of your own (java/php/cgi, whatever) that will handle this data and then do anything you want with it.
I’m not familiar with BMC’s Remedy ITSM but if you provide an api call example to create a task I can make an example webhook in php for you.