Is mentions works for you?

Hi !

I have kanboard 1.2.12 and use mentions (with the @ popup) in comments but mails are not sent to the user mentionned when comment is saved.

Good to know :

  • Mails are working fine for members who have enabled this feature in their profile.
  • All users have mail adresses

“Kanboard offers the possibility to send notifications when someone is mentioned.”


@DebianRoox: I checked the function and it is working for me on

Version: 1.2.15
PHP Version: 7.2.30-1+0~20200419.40+debian10~1.gbpb1b799
PHP SAPI: apache2handler
HTTP-Client: cURL
OS Version: Linux 4.19.0-8-amd64
Datenbanktreiber: mysql
Datenbank Version: 5.7.30

Please upgrade to the latest stable.

Mails are being sent for a new comment. Mails are currently not sent for editing comments.

When you use mention with @ no email is sent. The user is notified via the interface of Kanboard ( the bell icon).
E-mails are sent only when you choose to.

@azoeller Hmm… I have checked Changelog between my version and the last (can’t upgrade for now) and I did’nt see anything about mention or notification.

@kantime : didn’t see the bell icon, i have tested in a new comment and no mentions appear in this window.

Really strange, the installation is clean though. Will do without for now until upgrade just in case.

How did you make your test?