Kanboard docker doesn't run after reboot

Hello, I installed kanboard with docker yesterday. This is the first time I’m using docker.

It was running well, but after I reboot, for some reason kanboard doesn’t run, I think. It doesn’t appear when I run docker stats.

So then I tried to execute docker run but it says:

$ docker run -d --name kanboard -p 80:80 -t kanboard/kanboard:v1.2.8
docker: Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/kanboard" is already in use by container "89fee853e78346104646b0b07f18939b197f614640d838479a35190bade97174". You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.
See 'docker run --help'.

What went wrong? what should I do?

Sounds like the container is not starting back up.
Instead, you are trying to build a new container with the same name.

I recommend you start with portainer, that way you can visualize what is going on.

I’m assuming you mean you rebooted your system not the container. So unless you set the container to always restart using the --restart=always tag, it will not automatically restart after a system reboot.
So you need to docker start kanboard

Also if thats not the name of the container use docker ps -a to list all your containers, stopped or started, and you can figure out the name from there.

Of course, if you use Portainer, the docker command to run it, will be the last docker command you need to make, everything after that will have a GUI

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Ah thank you. The Kanboard started with docker start kanboard
But where do I set the --restart=always? Looks like it’s for docker run but how can I assign that if I can’t call docker run for kanboard anymore?

Oh the portainer looked nice. Hopefully this GUI should help me learn. Thank you for the help and suggestion.

You cant add the restart always tag after you already created the container. You would have to destroy the container and remake it. That sounds bad, but its not, as you can reuse the volumes from the original container, and loose no information. Its done automatically for you with Portainer, as an Edit container feature, but in reality, thats what it does. You could do this with just command line, but it would be a bit detailed, and your volume names are most likely really long names you would never want to type, unless you bound them to the disk, which i doubt you did. If you just created the container, and have very little data to loose, your best bet is to just destoy and remake with tag.

To destroy the container, stop it then remove it.
docker stop kanboard
docker rm kanboard

Now this will leave the volumes, and i am not prepared to go into that, since im on my phone at the moment, but you should learn to use docker if this is your path.

here is a little preview:
Peek 2023-04-04 21-53
you will notice here, i go from KB version 1.2.20 to 1.2.27 by destroying the container, rebuild it, and reusing the volumes, without loosing any data, because all the data is stored in the volumes, as well as my config settings to connect back to the mysql db container, all with 2 buttons Duplicate/Edit and Deploy Container, oh and then I had to confirm to replace the container, so 3 buttons:

If you ever go beyond local intranet and want to bring your containers to the internet, here are 2 containers that are a must:

That way you only need ports 80/443, and the proxy will back port everything to the appropriate container through ports 80/443. The LetsEncrypt Companion will generate the TLS certs automatically as well.