Kanboard - last activity - titel instead of task id


Hello Community,

is it possible to display the title under the project activities (last activities) instead of the task ID?kanbaord

thank you


Pretty sure this is your tasks title:

To answer your question:
Not out of the box, and as a extension to modify, it would be fairly complex.


If your heart is set on it though…you’ll have to override quite a few templates, pretty much every template in this folder:


hey creecros, Thank you for your answer.
yes it is.
the Thing is, I only asked because we wanted to show these messages in Mattermost and there the title is unfortunately not displayed, so the idea was to change it in kanboard. Because with this message in Mattermost I can not do much when working on a project with several people.

Maybe you have an idea how to display the tital in Mattermost



Is your Application URL empty, in application settings?

if ($this->configModel->get('application_url') !== '') {
            $message .= '['.t($event_data['task']['title']."\n").']';
            $message .= '(';
            $message .= $this->helper->url->to('TaskViewController', 'show', array('task_id' => $event_data['task']['id'], 'project_id' => $project['id']), '', true);
            $message .= ')';

Because, it should show the title according to the code, but only if your application url is not empty


Thank you my friend, works like a charm!