How to Not Show Task ID at Kanbaon Board

Hi I would like to know how to hide the visualization of the Task ID

Any ideas?

Roberto Reis .`.

Some chatter here about that:

You can also remove it by creating a plugin and using setTemplateOverride to apply your custom version of board/task_private.php (line 34-ish). Works really well especially if you are doing other customizations.
Info here:

Hi Charles, how are you?

I did the modification and it works

Thank you

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Hi Reiscons,

What exact modification you did perform, please?
I’ve tried to modify task_private.php for collapsed view but no luck… (apart of breaking board on few occasions :stuck_out_tongue: ) I assume its to do with ‘task_id’ => $task[‘id’] but its all completely new to me so more of guess work…
I’m aware ideally I should get this within plugin, but I’ll be happy with permanent change (until update to new version at least) Its been already too much of headache, trying to get to docker files on synology… not quite there ready to learn how to create plugin :open_mouth:

just to justify my need: With collapsed view working with 5+ columns, there is not much of task name visible, especially on small laptop screen and 4-5 digits task id’s… tbh removing assignee initial would be good too… in my case anyway

Any help much appreciated… Thanks!

actually after revisiting this after break, I’ve managed just fine
as per

Initial removed in task_private in similar way :smiley:

so, did you manage to remove the assignee?