Removing the Task ID from Board and Calendar

I’m just curious, is there a good reason to be displaying the task ID on tasks shown on a board/calendar? The ID can be confusing to people and seems to serve no purpose.

For example, maybe I add one task that’s less important first and its ID of 1 shows. Then I add a more important task later that needs to be completed first, yet it’s ID is 9. People may confuse the ID for priority. Please consider removing this for UX purposes. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see how the ID is useful.


I reference every task by ID, seems pretty important to me. But hiding it on the board would be a cinch for folks who disagree.

Yes, I see how a number could be a useful quick reference. It just seems odd from a design perspective and not intuitive when a random number shows up on a new board (since the IDs are global).

I can find it the templates and modify the code, but that is a pain to do every time I set up an installation or upgrade. Maybe there should be a simple setting to show/hide the ID in each project configuration?

We call them plugins. They are one and done. (Meaning you write the plugin and then you don’t have to recode every kanboard install to be to your liking)

I was thinking maybe a plugin could work. Am I thinking in the right direction by looking into the Template Hooks feature?

Hooks add. They don’t take away.

You’ll need to override.

If you have a repo Goin I’d be fine helping.

Maybe you can just hide them using the CSS override feature in the Application Settings?

Css or js would work as well.

I’m tweaking the layout for my particular needs and I have a wish to remove the task ID (and associated drop down), but I would like to keep the edit icon. I can remove both by display:none against ‘task-board-header’. If I display:none the ‘dropdown’ removes it from other parts of the GUI as well. Any tips as to how to remove just the ID and it’s drop down? (sorry for hacking away at this brilliant product - my particular need calls for a much more simplified experience for users)

Edit: seems creating a plugin and doing some setTemplateOverride is the way to forward. Works well.

I came to find out a solution to this as well. Thanks to you all, I see you can have a custom stylesheet in the settings.

In case you’re still looking for a solution, I used the CSS below. They hide the number on the project list and the task list. But it still keeps the drop down arrow and clickability. Least in my default test so far.

Hope it helps!

.table-list-row .dropdown-menu,
.table-list-row .dropdown-menu:hover,
.table-list-row .dropdown-menu:focus,
.table-list-row .dropdown-menu:visited,

.task-board-header .dropdown-menu strong,
.task-board-header .dropdown-menu:hover strong,
.task-board-header .dropdown-menu:focus strong,
.task-board-header .dropdown-menu:visited strong {
color: rgba(255,255,255,0);
user-select: none;

one quick fix that I used is modifying the dropdown file from Template/task
#<?= $task['reference'] ?>

I replaced the ID task with the reference number since this is important for the user. But this only affects the Board and list view.

Later edit:

I managed to remove de ID also from the calendar view: I rmodified the TaskCalendarFormatter :
‘title’ => t(’#%d’, $task[‘reference’]).’ '.$task[‘title’],