Why internal links are not displayed in task summary?

Hi all,
I am new to the kanboard and trying to use internal links.
I added some internal links to a task but I cannot see them in the task summary. I see a “External link” accordion title but no “Internal links” one. I can just see I added internal links from the “Activity Stream”.
Are they supposed to be displayed in the task summary or am I misunderstanding something?
Thank you for help


Can you send a screenshot of your task summary ?

Hi, thanks for your attention. Here is the kanban summary


Internal links should be visibles in task view.

Even in the board view a new symbol appears after adding internal links on cards.

Do you see it?

You can ask eventually Creecross to give you an access to an instance test to compare with yours.

Even in the board view a new symbol appears after adding internal links on cards.

I didn’t noticed it before, but I can see it.


I made some experiment with source code.
Internal links are displayed in app/Template/task/show.php with the following line of code:

<?= $this->render('task_internal_link/show', array(
    'task' => $task,
    'links' => $internal_links,
    'project' => $project,
    'link_label_list' => $link_label_list,
    'editable' => $this->user->hasProjectAccess('TaskInternalLinkController', 'edit', $project['id']),
    'is_public' => false,
)) ?>

For some reason I don’t understand, app/Template/task_internal_link/show.php is not loaded.
As workaround we copied whole folder to app/Template/task_internal_link1 and then loaded it as

<?= $this->render('task_internal_link1/show', array(...

In this way it works.
However unbelievable, it seemes the issue is with the folder name task_internal_link.
Any idea why the render function call is unable to load the file task_internal_link/show.php?



Which version of Kanboard do you use ?
Do you have Plugins that are activated ?

we are using version 1.2.11 and some plugins.


Try to deactivate all the plugins and look if it solves the problem.
Then, if you can see internal links as normal, reactivate the plugins one by one to identify which one is causing the issue.