Mail notification for overdue tasks just for specific columns

Dear community,

does anyone know a trick how to limit / filter mail notification of overdue / impending due date tasks to specific columns? In case of tasks being in the “done” column I do not need and like notification mails.

Thanks and best

you have to complete the task for the plugin to see it as complete and stop emailing.

would be good to deactivate the overdue E-mail. Is this possible?

What i shit: I must wait 5 hours for my reply. So here it is:

I testet it on my local machine where I can access cli. This works - but not the URL Request.

If somewone also want’s to disable the oberdue E-mail:
Comment out this line in /app/Console/CronjobCommand.php

Remove or adjust the due date.

Wait, so your cronjob does work? Or you only are having issue with URL Cronjob?

Sorry for “re-opening” the thread. Is there anything new already? I’d have a similar issue: I would like to disable overdue-mail-notifications for tasks in a specific column.

Uh, wow! Thank you, @creecros - I will check this one out. (=