Meaning of "Trigger automatically subtask time tracking"

Hello there…

I’d like to disable time tracking of subtasks. I have disabled the feature “Trigger automatically subtask time tracking” in “Settings” -> “Project settings”. I’m guessing, that this would change the subtask so they can only have two states (‘Not done’ & ‘Done’). However, I see no change in behaviour after turning “Trigger automatically subtask time tracking” off?

Any thoughts?

So, no one knows how this feature is supposed to work?

I have no idea, never used it, but I doubt it will change the the behavior of 3 states for status. They are: 0, 1, 2.

I want to disable this feature as well. It takes more than one second to set the subtask from state null to state done. This seems because the systems is starting the time tracking on state 1. This is time consuming when there are a lot of subtasks.
Unchecking the property does no effect.
Any idea to make it (unchecking) work?