Missing features

Is it by intention that

  • the mentions don’t work as in other discourse forums?
  • private messages are completely unavailable?

This here is the only Discourse forum I use. So my question is: Wat is “the mentions”?

Eg, if I type @RainerBielefeld in a post, this automatically creates a link to your user profile. You can have a look at one of my other forum accounts, like the ownCloud forum.

Yup, I can confirm that no link will be created here.

And yes, I checked at this Discourse Forum: Link for @nickname will be created

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Yes, Ii’s usual. It’s not only the link, it’s also an option to get notified. No clue why i’ts unavailable here. :expressionless:

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Found another mission point:

  • Ability to mark a post as solution, which would set a checkmark in front of the thread title.
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