Mobile-style dragging on tablets / always

When I go to the website on my phone, there is a small icon that I can drag with my finger to move items. However, when I use my tablet it loads the desktop version and then there is no way to drag stuff around. Is there a way to enable that icon always, I don’t mind having it on the computer as well if that means that it’s usable on the tablet. Or other solutions to using it with the tablet?

You didn’t tell anything about your environment.
On my tablet (Android), the browser can switch between mobile- and desktop-view.

It’s a windows tablet, which I suppose is some sort of blend between tablet and laptop. But there is no option for mobile site.

The problem is that your device is not identified as a phone nor as a tablet. Thus, no handle is displayed. Depending on the browser you are using, you might have an option to cheat the passed user-agent.

Hint: Kanboard uses the library isMobile to detect.