Working with a Wacom Pen Tablet


As a graphic designer, I not often use a mouse to work. Most of the time, i’m using a Wacom Tablet. And with graphic applications, the tiny moves with the pen are filtered when you clic (touch with the pen) in order to avoid considering it as a temptation to move an object.

Unfortunaltely, non graphic applications are not filtering the micro-moves. So, in Kanboard, when i try to simply clic on a card button or Menu, it doesn’t’ work because the cards are movable. I’m forced to try again until no micro-movement is under my pen or i must switch temporary to a mouse.

I will not ask for adding micro-movement filtering in Kanboard :sweat_smile: but it would be great if moving a card is disabled in some areas like the button to edit cards and the menu of each card.

Maybe possible simply by modifying the css for me at least ?


I hope it’s clear, english is not my native language.

Thank’s for your help.

Is it possible to modify the draggable area with this selector in the CSS ?

I’m answering based on my experience with MetaMagik, which is yes, but not necessarily the area. You could change the element that is draggable, though. I’m not actually looking at the code, but would guess that the div container of the entire card is that class, you would remove the class and then make some other element draggable. There is some javascript at play though, and it’s quite important, so you have to take that into account.

Ok, thanks !
I think it will be too difficult for me to modify the javascript. I’m not a developer.
I have just some knowledge about HTML and CSS.

You wont have to modify the js, just need to make sure you consider it, not sure if that makes sense.

Ok, i will try :slightly_smiling_face:


I found the draggable-item in one file (task_private.php) and i don’t know exactly what modifications i can do. My knowledges about PHP are more limited than those about HTML and CSS unfortunately.

After looking into a bit more, it will require more than just CSS/HTML, all the magic is in the JS. My JS is not that great, but probably could move the sortable property to a child instead of the entire task container. Someone else is probably better suited to do that than myself.

Thank you for your effort :slightly_smiling_face:

When you access kanboard from a mobile phone, this is how the tasks looks:

The card is movable only through the “move” icon on the top left corner.
This same behavior would help you?
I can take a look and see how kanboard detects a mobile phone to change this and try to find a way to reproduce this behavior to your tablet.

Oh yes ! That would be great, thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m so dumb, I was thinking this device was some sort of an iPad, but is actually a device attached to your computer, right? It replaces your mouse?
You can easily install an extension to your browser that changes your user agent to a mobile device user agent. Search for “mobile user agent” or “user agent switcher” on the extension store of your favorite browser, then select an iPhone or Android user agent and it should work just fine.
If you are familiar with the element inspector (F12 on chrome and FF) you can also switch to a “mobile” preview, but the downside is that the element inspector must be opened all time.
The browser extension solution is the easiest one.

Actualy, I found this solution by myself yesterday when I was thinking about what you suggested :smile:
I’m using Safari on a Mac because it has exclusive features that works with the system and are very useful in pro context. So I activated the developper mode in the prefs:

An I selected the right mobile user agent:


I also found the Mobile View Switcher extension for Firefox. And it works by simply clicking on a button on the menu bar.

I was hoping for a Browser independent solution from you, but this still a very good solution. It will change my pro life !

Thank you so much !!! :v::slightly_smiling_face:

After using this trick, i found that it’s a bit annoying when you open a link in a new window because i have to activate the mobile version manually again for this very new window (or tab).

Is it possible to make a simple plugin that allows to force the mobile version of Kanboard by a switching button in the settings for exemple ?

I can’t do it by my self because i’m not a developper :man_shrugging:

If someone could do it, it would be very nice ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there!
I just figured out how tthe javascript things works on kanboard, and I think I can make a plugin that overrides that behaviour. I dont have time to do this right now but when I have some spare time I’ll work on this

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Hi !

Thank you ! It’s very kind of you :slightly_smiling_face:


Did it!
It will add a button on the top bar to switch between desktop mode and mobile mode:

img2 img1

Hope it helps you!

Ooops, I forgot the link!

Oh man !

I don’t know how to thank you ! :star_struck:

This is so perfect ! So kind of you !

Thank you x100000000…


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