Notification to me about all due date task

I already creat some projects.
and also there are some tasks in every project.
who can teach me how to configure to know those impending tasks of every project.

I hope when I open one project borad, the bell icon will reminder me all due tasks not only of this project but also of all other projects.


My profile β†’ Summary -->Preferences β†’ Notifications: Enabled;
Actions β†’ Notifications β†’ Notification methods:Web β†’ I want to receive notifications for:All tasks β†’ I only want to receive notifications for these projects: uncheck every project

still, can not make bell ion ring anything

edit one task, set its due date and start date.
and wai for the moment. still can get nothing.

after due date, I click the bell ion, only show:
My notifications
No notification.

For each project you are a member, you can choose to receive notifications for:

Make sure that you’re a member of the projects, where you want to be notified.

I am the project manager already. and should be make me become a member of this project further?
I try to make me become the manager and the member of the same project. still I can not receive the bell reminder.

Perhaps, I am not suitable for this Kanboard! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that notifications will be sent by the cron job.

o, yes, thanks.
I follow this Cronjob Configuration
The bell works.


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