Planning and Resources Usage Histogram

Hi Fellows,

I’m using Kanboard 1.2.10 and all works fine, however, I’m looking for a solution to be able to see my whole team planning by weeks like SOPlanning does.

The point is that I’m able to assign my people to the several project tasks and see all the standard info, however, I can’t find any view where I could see the total load of work hours planned/assigned per day/week/month for each person in a table and graphical (histogram) way so that I could understand the resources usage for looking on overloads or people how is very low loaded.

Is there any kind of tool or report available to find that??

Thanks in advance for your very appreciated support on this matter.


Kanboard is all about KANBAN methodology.

What you are seeking is more Waterfall friendly…

Probably better to use a solution like GantProject for you.