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Hi there kanboard-community,
please bear with me if my question sounds “stupid”, but I still have much more experience in procedural-PHP-coding than in modern OOP-style. Due to the corona-shutdown I hopefully now have the opportunity to change that :slight_smile:

Now for my question:
I am trying to develop a plugin, that will offer extended options when duplicating a task. So I took the TaskDuplicationController and tried to extend it with my own class DuplicateTaskOptions and made some basic changes to it including adding a copy of the original template for the copy-method.

You can take a look at my code here

When I try to call my new controller from the newly added option from task-dropdown or task-sidebar … a modal window appears giving me an Internal Error: Controller not found

So it seems like I need to do more in order to be able to use my new controller?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Looking forward to your answers,

the link to your controller should include a plugin parameter.



so I changed my /Template/task/dropdown.php to this:

<?php if ($this->projectRole->canUpdateTask($task)): ?>
    <?= $this->modal->small('object-group', t('Duplicate task with options ...'), 'DuplicateTaskOptionsController', 'copyOptions', array('plugin' => 'DuplicateTaskOptions', 'task_id' => $task['id'], 'project_id' => $task['project_id'])) ?>
<?php endif ?>

I also tried

  • array(‘plugin’ => ‘duplicateTaskOptions’ …
  • array(‘plugin’ => ‘duplicatetaskoptions’ …

Still the same error :neutral_face:

Your Controller is named DuplicateTaskOptions but you tried to open DuplicateTaskOptionsController

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/me slaps myself in the face with a large trout :crazy_face:

Now it looks like I have to “tell” Kanboard where to find my new template, because it seems to search for it in the app/core/ -folder

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in
C:\xampp\htdocs\VirtualHosts\kanboard\coding\root\app\Core\Template.php on line 83

This new line in my plugin.php @ function initialize() doesn’t seem to do the job:

$this->template->hook->attach('template:task_duplication:copy_options', 'DuplicateTaskOptions:task_duplication/copy_options');

Thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

Everybody has some slappy fish moments :wink:

Try to make DuplicateTaskOptions all lowercase in hooks-

Are you talking about changing it to?

$this->template->hook->attach('template:task_duplication:copy_options', 'duplicatetaskoptions:task_duplication/copy_options');

That doesn’t change the problem.

I changed line 44 of DuplicateTaskOptionsController.php as follows, and then it shows the standard Duplicate the task to another project-dialog

return $this->chooseOptions($task, 'task_duplication/copy');

Maybe I need to use another way of “registering” my template, because there is nothing like “copy_options” in the orginal TaskDuplicationController ??

I’m sorry … but most of the code in Kanboard is still a big mystery for me because I still have very little knowledge with OOP and all these tons of classes, hooks, etc.make me a bit dizzy …
Anyway I am willing and hopefully able to learn :slight_smile: