Pomodoro Timer Plugin

Do we have a solid plugin for built-in pomodoro timer?

Open source Super Productivity has time tracking using pomodoro timer intervals
and I’d love to do something similar with Kanboard.

What the heck has this to do with Kanboard or the Kanban method? The pomodoro technique is for performing focused work. Kanban/Kanboard is a tool for visualizing the work, not performing the work itself. Two entirely different pairs of shoes.

Is not Kanboard’s Time Tracking for focused work?

Pomo Timer takes time tracking to the next level.

No. I think it’s for watching the costs.
And here I’ll stop joining such useless questions/discussions. Sorry.

i dont understand how it should work, makes no sense to me. but i was able to get this far in about half an hour.

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Please visit Super Productivity and enable Pomodoro Timer in Productivity Helper

Then please go ahead, add task and start time tracking:

this doesn’t seem any different to me then how kanboard already functions…my feeble brain doesn’t understand the difference.

So basically, time tracking is done with pomodoro timer intervals that can be set in advance.

For example, after 25 minutes time tracking work with pomodoro timer, pomodoro stops and asks you to take 5 minutes break.

I think, and I am guessing, that the difference is that in KB the subtask time tracking is logged against the task and in Pomodoro it is just a running timer stop watch type with no saves to the database, just stop start notifications and reminders.

Ok, i can do this i think, 25 min timers…5 min breaks…25min timer and so forth. And then add up the time and log it to the subtask.

I am assuming we don’t want to log the breaks…right

This is absolutely nice and simple Pomodoro Extension for Firefox:

Some people like me prefer 50-min timer, 10-min short break.
After three 50-min pomodoros, I take longer 30 mins break.

This seems like a system for occupational health and working time regulations lol