Prevent accidental loss of comments and changes

1 Go to the comment section of a task
2 Type in a comment
3 Without saving the comment, reload the page > the comment is gone

1 Edit a task
2 Change something
3 Without saving the task, reload the page > the change is gone

Of course reloading, closing the browser or similar actions are accidentally in these cases, but they happen and may be very annoying.

Is there any way to prevent this? E.g. Jira warns you in these cases.


This is or was a well-known issue. Not sure, but I thought it was fixed in one of the recent releases.

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Hi Alfred,
thanks! I searched a lot for a matching issue and at Github, but didn’t find a corresponding entry. I’m on 1.2.32 and it still happens.


This is what I meant.

Still not sure, whether it was merged.

EDIT: Found also this:

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Data is lost with modal dialog if a background click is done · Issue #5239 · kanboard/kanboard · GitHub >> this is fixed in 1.2.33, thanks!

Original enhancement proposal still valid. ESC, reload, back… leads to loss of changes.


Good to know, or good to be warned. Thanks.