Kanboard 1.2.28

List of Changes

  • Trigger EVENT_MOVE_COLUMN event when moving task to another swimlane
  • Allow moving closed tasks when using the API
  • Duplicate external links when duplicating tasks
  • Add support for comparison operator to priority filter
  • Prevents users to convert subtaks to tasks when custom role does not allow it
  • Avoid deprecation messages when sending an email with PHP 8.2
  • Declare most common routes to have nice URLs
  • Improve wording of bulk action modal to move tasks position
  • Allow closing modals by clicking on the background
  • Improve wording of the menu to close all tasks in a given column/swimlane
  • Fix bug that prevent reordering subtasks after changing the status
  • Bump version of phpunit/phpunit, symfony/stopwatch, and symfony/finder
  • Use GITHUB_TOKEN instead of a personal token to run GitHub Actions
  • Duplicate attachments & external links during task duplication & importing
  • Move Docker image to run automated tests to GitHub Registry
  • Push Docker images to an additional registry Quay.io (RedHat)
  • Use the appropriate config for the start column in user iCal export
  • Improved translations

nice! This looks like a nice set of improvements

Thanks for the release!

New feature “Allow closing modals by clicking on the background” seems a little dangerous to me. If I start entering a new task and click accidentally on the background then all the data I have already entered is lost.
Is there a way to disable this feature?


I didn’t check it, but the correct way would be to inhibit closing when the content is modified.

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Hi Alfred,

have already updated to 1.2.28.

Yes I think also there should at least be a warning if you try to close it with new or changed content and if you chekk the pull request Allow closing modals by clicking on the background by fguillot · Pull Request #5226 · kanboard/kanboard · GitHub then there are some hints that this was planned, but unfortunatly it’s not working this way. You can start entering data in a new task and then click on the background and all the entries are lost.

Will revert to 1.2.27 until this is fixed (and will open a new issue).


Sidenote: For me personally, the danger of accidentally hitting the ESC key in a modified modal dialog is much higher.


I thikn this commit should fix it:

Yupp! For me also: accidentally pusehd Mouse Button ‘next’ or ‘prev.`’