Public view: Open Tasks and Closed Tasks

Kanboard is an excellent tool and I am completely grateful for all the development. My congratulations to the creator and the entire community.
My question is whether it is feasible that the Public View is not only open tasks, but also closed tasks.
Doing a little research in this beautiful Forum, I found some “Tips” but I couldn’t get to what I’m looking for.
I tried modifying the BoardViewController.php file where it says:

TaskModel :: STATUS_OPEN

But, changing that directly does not work the view.

If there is any plugin or something that can be done so that the public view also shows the closed tasks, I will be enormously grateful.

Please excuse the translation.

Have a nice day. :kissing_heart:

and to be clear…you changed the code and did what? went back to the site, and expected to see a change…? or…restarted your server, and then went back to your site and checked for a change?

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First of all, thank you very much for your answer.
I just changed that word, saved the file, and refreshed the page. And the page threw error.
I honestly don’t handle a lot of programming code. I don’t know how to restart the server.
But if you can’t, don’t worry. Perhaps it is best not to show the finished ones.
I thought there was a simple or not so complex way that, in public view, you can change the displayed items.
Again, thanks for the reply.

99% sure, you’re server is caching php code. if you havent restarted the server the code resides on, you will not see any update.

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Thank you very much again for your reply.
I’m going to see how I can do that restart and see if that solves the initial question.
Thanks for your time.