Recommendations for setup of the plugin dev environment

First, thank you to all who’ve contributed to this project (both base devs and plugin devs). I stumbled upon this project quite accidentally a few weeks ago. Now, I have merged a mish-mash of text files, OneNote tabs, and other resources into KanBoard to track my tasks and projects into one cohesive view.

I have some experience in JS and PHP and would like to start developing a few specific plugins which I know will be helpful to my company–and likely to others. I’ve browsed through the Plugin Dev documentation and it seems to start right at the point of coding–without any guidance on the proper setup of the dev environment. I looks like it uses PHP/JS, maybe NodeJS for cohesiveness. (?)

Can someone please provide a link (if the info already exists) or a quick description of the languages needed to begin development? I’m fairly well versed in the PHP and Java world, spending much time in Eclipse–so you don’t need to start at the VERY beginning (grin), but maybe if a few contributors who have developed plugins in the past can quickly outline their setup (which I know will be unique for every developer), then this would give those starting at the beginning a good foundation to support this project with more quality plugins.


I develop using docker containers…not sure you’d want my setup. I’m also unsophisticated and an extremely poor programmer. PHP/JS/HTML/ and CSS is pretty much all you’ll need to know, or figure out.

Should take a look at:
Jquery (not really needed though, might need to understand it though)

Great. I have a direct install of KanBoard on a Windows10 VM, so I’m assuming (hoping/wishing) that a development environment would be a bit simpler without the Docker overhead.

So, let me ask differently…I have Eclipse IDE, PHP, and HTML/CSS capabilities, and the IDE can handle json structures. Is that enough?

From another angle, if you have developed a plugin for KanBoard, can you please provide a list of software you used? The hope I have with the list you provide is to actually install the software AND the plugin, then see how the plugin is written (any plugin will do). Maybe seeing the end and working backward would be of better assistance to me.

Any input is appreciated!


You mean Windows overhead…

Anyhow. Like I said, I’m a poor programmer, and have no idea what Eclipse is.

I’ll include the OS, my software list:

  • rancherOS
  • portainer
  • git
  • filebrowser 2.0.12
  • chrome
  • kanboard

I wont include the reverse proxy or letsencrypt. But technically they are being used while I work.

My plugins, can be found on my repo:

There are a few others I contribute too, and maintain as well.

If you got any specific questions on any of them, feel free to hit me up.