Reporting features not with plugins

Hi everyone. I see frequently that any reporting should be done with a plugin. Unfortunately I am a sysadmin and not a developer so creating plugins are too difficult for me. I was however able to create a separate web dashboard which runs sql queries at the database and outputs them in nice tables. This is working good so far. I’ve made 4 different reports for open/closed tasks on swimlanes and open/closed task for users. Now I want a report for all activity on a swimlane. I want it to be the same as if you click ‘activity’ in Kanboard itself. I am struggling to find out how to do this. the project_activities table seems to have the info but I cant figure out how to use it. I wanted to find the code that pulls that info into kanboard but i cannot make sense of how this is done. Again, i am sysadmin not developer so alot of this is foreign to me. What file do i look in? All the php files keep referencing other php files and I am getting lost. Any help is appreciated

Unfortunately, I only make beauty products for a living, I too am not a developer. :frowning:

You know where the info you need is, but you don’t understand the info? Thus, you don’t know how to use it? Is that correct? That doesn’t sound like a lack of being a developer problem, just a lack of understanding with the problem in front of you. Can’t really tell you where or what to do, until you can understand your problem well enough to explain it.

first, migrate your database for postgre
i’m make my connection database and created my report, in fastreport
next step is comunication kanboard database with comercial internal system for B.I

i’m have a D.E.R this database, if you need help send me message!

I apologize for not explaining my problem well enough, but thank you for responding. My problem is that I do not know which file contains the code used to pull the ‘Activity’ information from a project. Do you know which file that is? I would like to reference it for other things.

Why postgres? I am using MySQL and it seems to be working fine. Also, I didn’t think there was an easy way to migrate once you had data in the system.
Do you have samples of the reports you can share?

Models get the data from db.

And this will help you understand how it communicates with it.

Great, thank you! Give me a few days to make something of this. I will report back

Still working on it…