[REQ]: (Working) Tooltips on comments


The little sheet in a task shows the description on hovering over it.
What about having the same when hovering over the comments?

Trying this for a few times I saw that - sometimes - the comments are also shown as Tooltips. Unfortunately I could figure out a way to replicate it reliably.

Any help/hints are greatly appreciated!


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My first response was blocked as spam since it included a link, but I was saying, that the comment tooltip was replaced as of v1.0.39, instead it opens to a modal view. There is a plugin that will restore it, again I can’t link it because it blocks it as spam, but do a search for “kanboard comment tooltip” in google and you should find it.


Thanks a bunch for your help!
I am aware of that plugin and it was already installed (v0.0.2 from 25 May 2018) on a KB v. 1.2.6.
If I hover over the comment icon I see “1 comment” etc. but not the preview as expected. Disabling etcetc. doesn’t help.


Did you enable it, under Settings>Integrations?

And, once enabled, it does not replace the existing icon, it adds a new icon that functions as previous.


Yes, Enabled, Disabled, Enabled again… all done.
The tooltip looks like in the pic


in your image, notice, the second comment icon all the way to the right…hoover over that one.


This icon:


To be honest I haven’t seen that one 'cos I was always staring on the left one!
This works as advertised, same as hovering over the description letter.

Nonetheless I would expect both tooltips going away asa the mouse leaves the triggering area. Both stay until I click again somewhere else.

Anyway, thanks again for your help!


I too have noticed they get hung up and won’t disappear, i believe this is started around kanboard v1.2.4, perhaps because of the rewrite of the tooltip behavior without jquery. I remember a forum topic on it once, don’t believe anyone ever made notice about it though.