Result of global search

When I search for some text or number of task on global search I don’t have any result case this tasks is on closed project. If I find on activities I get some results, but when I click on task link, case this task was moved to diferente project after the time that this activity was recorded this link will be broken.

1 - The global search should find for tasks in closed project too, not only the activities;
2 - Links on result should use some direct route like: task/:id instead project/:projectId/task/:id avoiding this problema with moved tasks.

What you think about this features?

Maybe a language barrier, but nothing I read made any sense to me.

Sorry. Let’s try again.

I think I’m talking about two problems here. Tasks that was moved to different project and result of search at dashboard.

I have some task and this task is in closed project. When I search for some text or for the number of this task on global search (I mean global search the field at dashboard) I don’t have any result.
Looking for the same text ou task id at the search activity stream I have some results but when I click on task link and this task was moved to a different project after the time that this activity was recorded this link will be broken.

where is “egoi” text in the task? The search will search all tasks, open or closed, so long as you don’t include status:open. If it’s not finding anything, my guess is “egoi” exists in the description. In which case, desc:egoi will find it.

As for the link, pretty sure the link isn’t generated on the result, never really looked into that or played around in the activity stream, but my guess is the link is generated before the move, and if it was on the activity stream after the move in another instance, the link would be correct…my guess would be, changing how the links work could cause issues for users in other instances that would be breaking changes, but may be best to add to issue board and maybe someone will take a closer look.

Yes “egoi” is a text on description of task.

The problem is not status of task but the status of project. Either egoi or desc:egoi will search for task on open projects only. Even task open or closed inside this closed project will not be listed on result.

About the link, using some direct route to task will fix a problem today.
This is a link of moved task on activities. The task is not on project 6 anymore, is on project 75 so change task route to task/:id the task always will be viewed it does not matter if the project is closed or not.

Just tested…works as I said.


Am I missing something?

Oh wait, I am. I’m thinking tasks. Your saying projects…let me research a bit.

Ok, so, filters using $this->query are going to filter off the query…when you are in the dashboard, it has already filtered out inactive projects, thus, they won’t be in the query. I wouldn’t play with that unless @fred was in the discussion, so you may want to pose the issue on kanboards issue tracker, you may have a better chance of creating a discussion that he would weigh in on.

Edit: However, a quick fix for you, in this case, would be to build a filter, not based off $this->query or add inactive project tasks to the query before the search, in a custom filter.

Thanks for analysis, I will report on kanboards issue tracker.

I will wait some time until maintainer visualisation I don’t know if is an expected behaviour. With @fred’s analysis we can open an objective issue.

I’ve found this limitation - exclusion from search result tasks for CLOSED PROJECTS - as major obstacle to start working with this otherwise very impressive system.
We are users of RT of Best Practical at the moment. Apart from task management, RT allows for easy access to past (and ‘closed’) projects (or ‘tickets’, in RT definition) through extensive search form. I’d really love to be able to quickly find link to all tasks within kanboard, including those, which belongs to CLOSED PROJECTS. This way a user will have documented storage for all past activities and their media.