Run Kanboard background job for the first time

We have not previously run kanboard background jobs and will do so for the first time.
Since Kanboard has been in operation for quite some time, there are many tasks in the projects, active and inactive.
Is there a possibility to run that job without it going through all existing tasks and sending out due-date reminders on inactive tasks and the like?

Hi & Welcome to the forum!

Short answer: No, I don’t think this is possible globally.
But THB, I’m uncertain if I understand your goal. You want to update the statistics, but without sending any due notification?

Hi and thanks!

Ok, maybe the only way is to disable the email function while I run the script?
The goal is to be able to use due date, statistics and other functions, but to do that I have to run this job. We have many users and tasks and I would like to do this as quietly as possible.

As a temporary hack, you could try to remove/clean the email settings, so that Kanboard is unable to send any mail. This is ugly, I know, but I don’t see any other possibility, without changing the code.