Running Daily background job for tasks on Windows - pdo_mysql problem

Hi there,

when starting batch-file to run the cronjob I get the message :PHP extension required: “pdo_mysql”

I running Kanboard 1.2.25 on Windows (MAMP) with PHP 8.0.1 and Apache
The extension pdo_mysql seems to be enabled as I checked in php.ini

The .bat-file:
“C:\MAMP\bin\php\php8.0.1\php.exe” -f “C:\MAMP\htdocs\kanboard\cli” cronjob

Does anybody have an idea?

I found the solution myself:
Using CLI on windows you have to use the -c argument to point to the php.ini path if its not in the Windows directory. So the bat-file to run the cronjob looks now like this:

“C:[Path To PHP]\php.exe” -c “C:[Path to php.ini]” -f “C:[Path to htdocs]\kanboard\cli” cronjob