Set Working Hours, Weekends and Holidays


I am configuring KanBoard for my company and a newbie. I was wondering if I can set

  1. General Daily Working Hours
  2. Weekends
  3. Holidays

As a base setting to my installation, so that it applies to all my projects.


Any help in this matter is highly appreciated.

Apply them… how?

I would assume, just like all other project settings i.e from configure section.

I’m sorry, you misunderstood my question. I was not referring to, how you want to set them. I meant, what is the desired effect you are looking for, once you have set them.

If it applies to the whole project, so all tasks created will automatically have to been within those boundaries.

As example, if I configure, the project with NO working Sundays. When I create any Task, within this project, it will not let a Due date to be set for Sunday. Also the hours that the task spans across, lets say is Thursday to Monday i.e 5 days. But since Sunday is off, it will be considered as 4 days.

Same way working hours, will also work. Same example as above if I set working hours 9am to 9pm, then any task created and assigned will apply these working hours.

Same goes for holidays.

Hope that helps

Ok, gotcha, the answer is, no, not unless you are willing to develop such a feature.

Well I was hoping it existed in the current version, as its basic and I was missing something. But hopefully with some help sometime in the future perhaps :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification.

not sure I would define that as basic, not that I am advocating against such a feature, but having been a project manager and a product development manager for over a decade, ive never once seen such a feature in the software I have used. Not that, that is the end all be all, but in my field, there is no such thing as a “Holiday” or “Work Hours”, or “Weekends”. A job is due, when it is due. Period. I don’t determine that, my client does, and these aren’t clients you tell, “Well, that’s a holiday, good sir.”

In my projects, billing and productivity is both calculated by person hours, without the mentioned feature, I can account for billing, but never measure productivity accurately. Also common working hours for the whole team, time schedule for the whole project, etc. All of these are difficult to apply without the said feature.

So, are you measuring those things by how long a task remains open? There are ways to track time spent on a task, completely independent of a due date, or time spent open.