Automatic swimlanes as week of month


I’m starting to use Kanboard to manage our family planning.
Each column is the day of the week from Monday to Sunday.
Each swimlane represents the week of the month, for exemple currenlty, the swimlane used is “From 4/09 to 10/09”.
Most of the time, tasks don’t have hour notions like an event, they are just things done in the day, so this is not like a simple calendar where i place events.
And I use categories with colors on tasks to represent person in family on which the task is affected to.

Examples of use cases

  • In this week (swimlane), for a day:
    • task “Take children to school” tagged for me
    • task “Pick up children from school” tagged for my wife
    • task “Work at night” tagged for my wife
    • task “Launch at canteen” tagged for Child1 and Child2

In that way, i can see directly what i have to do today about children for example and if i have to pick up children to shcool because my wife work at night. It is a common example on the month.

I made several searches to find the right tool for that, and for me Kanboard was good, as i will use it for development sprints for my dev company as well in another project. So using the same tool for several purpose was correct.

Screenshot example:

The question is: is is possible to have swimlanes automatically created one or two weeks in advance ?
What would be the solution for that to avoid to create each time manually all swimlanes (weeks) for the month ?
Does it exist a plugin ?
I am open to suggestion and ideas to change my way of doing that.

Thank you.

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Welcome to the forum!

I would create a weekly cronjob on the system, then create the upcoming weeks/swimlanes with an API call.
Within this job, you could also remove any past/obsoleted stuff.

Thanks for your feedback.
It is an interesting idea that I will test.