Would somebody be interested in creating a fork of kanboard as basis for a lesson planning tool?

I am trying to design a training and I can’t seem to find a tool that I like to use.
It works very similar to kanboard but the swimlanes are days of the training.
Every block has a title and some extra fields that are only shown when opened
Every block has a duration.
Blocks are stacked on top of each other and can be easily rearranged (like current kanboard)
Some blocks have hard start times. Like lunch. So position is fixed within the swimlane I know that makes it more difficult (unless you make a dummy block that fills the remaining time before a fixed block.
Every swimlane is the planning for one day.
Vertical block size is scaled by duration

I know I could for and write this but I am swamped with work.

Is there somebody who’d like to help me?
Jeroen Baten

To me it sounds like you want to arrange tasks in a time grid? I recently forked the Calendar Plugin to achieve something similar. I wanted to schedule my tasks with simple “drag & drop” in the calendar view. The week view more or less does what you describe: there is a time grid, the height of a task represents the duration, you can drag & drop tasks around to change their start/due date. I also added a sidebar that lists all unscheduled tasks (= tasks without start/due date), so you can easily drag them into the calendar.

If you want to give it a try: GitHub - rfde/kanboard-plugin-calendar: [NOT MAINTAINED] Calendar plugin for Kanboard

There are still some minor bugs and glitches to fix, but the basic functionality should be alright.

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