Connecting tasks across swimlanes

I am using Kanboard for keeping track of content marketing workflow.
I have two swim lanes. The default one is for content that would be posted on the website.
The second swim lane is for social media.
Each card (representing a new article) needs related social media to be posted simultaneously. In other words, a task in the default lane can’t be completed until its social media sister task also reaches the TO BE POSTED column.

My questions:
1: I have to create two separate tasks for each swim lane, correct? I ask because wondering if there is a way to automate the process of the creating the social media tasks. Like if a new task is created, a related task for the social media lane is automatically created.
2. I used the INTERNAL LINK to link one task to its social media task. But not sure what that accomplishes. Could you please explain how that helps? The documentation doesn’t explain internal links do.
3. What is an external link?

many thanks.


  1. There are automatic actions in the plugins directory which let you duplicate/create tasks (with automatic links)… that should save you some time.
  2. Internal links show up in the task. They are just linking 2+ tasks from different projects to each other. Like a user workflow…
  3. External links are website links outside of your kanboard.

About 1. … I wouldnt personally create a duplicate task just for social media if its going to contain the same or not much different content. I would use one task, move that about swimlanes and columns. But thats just a guess looking at the pic. If it gets busy, I think 2 projects might be better rather than 2 swimlanes but thats just a guess.

Hi @aljawaid thanks for your reply. I got the two swimlane idea from this setup I saw online:
Screenshot 2023-01-16 230803
I figured helpful to be able to see in one glance the progress along on both website and social media content.
About automatic creation of related tasks, if you can suggest a particular plugin, please kindly send me the link. There are so many plugins and there seems to be no active installation numbers so for the newcomer it’s difficult to tell which automation plugin has more credibility.

Its totally up to you but I personally think the two swimlane idea is good but not appropriate for your relation of two topics. Anyway, whatever you feel best with, there are no rules.

About the Automatic Actions, I will check when I get home but the first thing you need is the PluginManager plugin. That will give you a very good insight on the available plugins. There are no active installation numbers but the plugin at least shows the last updated. Any plugin last updated within 12 months should be pretty safe to use. But of course, everybody’s setup is different.

If a plugin ever causes an issue, just delete the plugin folder if you cant uninstall it. KanboardSupport and PluginManager will be useful to you.

by using an internal link, each task will be related, and show a percentage of completion when viewing, and i believe you can even set it to block the other task, preventing completion until both are complete. your built in actions that come with kb should have one that can duplicate a task and link them upon creation, or movment. i.e. task comes into first column, ideas, you move it out to next column top swimlane to begin work, and have it create a related task in 2nd swimlane.

sure that seems legit to me, id probably do it that way. i might even break it into 2 projects instead of swimlanes, if i had a seperate team working on the social media part.

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