Using kanban for content creation project

Hello, has anyoone used kanban for creation of online content?
I’m new to kanban. I want to use it to plan and execute creation of several hundred articles for posting online.
The stages of creation:

  1. brainstorming ideas
  2. To Do (ideas accepted for production)
  3. Work in Progress (articles being created, involing stages of text, photo, video creatiion.
  4. Social media (creation of social media content to be posted when the article is posted to bring traffic).
  5. Posting the content
  6. Done

Up to now I’ve everything under ONE single project with 6 columns (one for each stage of creation) and each article is a TASK and each of the stages of creation is a SUBTASK…

But now I’m wondering if a better method would be to make EACH ARTCLE a separate project and each of the stages of creation would be a task. That way - I am thinking - there would be more room to finetune things.
Again, I’m new to Kanban.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

naaa. not one article per project… stick to one task per article
I think you need to fine tune your workflow in more detail. You will probably need a few projects, interlinked through tasks

@aljawaid, thanks for your response.
Yes, since I posted I figured out each article should be a task inside one project that holds all the content to be produced.
Like here:
Screenshot 2023-01-16 230803
Now I have to figure out how to build this. No idea how to do swimlanes yet. If there are any videos out there that basic, please let me know.

you dont need videos… you wont ruin anything by creating or deleting swimlanes…

just to give you an idea on columns and swimlanes