SQLite vs PostgreSQL about number of users


I wanted to know how many users the Sqlite database can handle before choosing for Postgresql ?

Because, Kanboard is already deployed with Sqlite and we will need to make it available for more and more users.

Many thanks

Personal experience here.
Before deploying my kanboard instance into real production, I have done usage tests with a dozen users from different departments where I work to make sure it was the kind of organizational tool they needed. And the tryouts where definitely successful. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I deployed it on a MySQL/MariaDB database (thinking it would be temporary) because of legacy apps that where still using it even though I had been already started migrating those DBs to Postgresql.

Then the obvious mistake happened, the beta-testers users started using the kanboard instance as their actual production tool and a couple more users got on board.
I have been looking for ways to make clean migration from a MySQL database to a postgresql even by trying to make a custom script but you way have guessed that it’s definitely not recommended to do so. Even worse if you are using a couple of plugins.

So what I advise you is to actually use a sqlite database for a REAL testing environment and consider going to a postgresql or mariadb engine as soon as you are ready to ship into production.
Sqlite is a nice engine, you may be fine to go into production with it but postgresql come with really nice features that I find it worth taking the time to set up a specific server for your databases.

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Thank you for sharing your experience :slightly_smiling_face: