Task description on card


I am used to a taskboard tool and in it, they show the description of a task on the card. so I wonder if it is possible to show the task description on the card beneath the title instead of clicking on it or put the mouse on the icon for the description.

and is it possible that task color change depends on the category color? like when you chose a category for a task it makes the tasks with the same color as the category.

Description on card is a little harder since when you mouse over, it loads on the fly, so we can’t just mess with the display settings through CSS. Find a way to insert this javascript:

if ($('#board-container').length == 1) { // Only on project page
    $('span.tooltip').each(function(k, dat) { // Find the tooltip button
        var target = $(dat);
        let href = target.data('href');
        if (href == undefined) return true;
        if (href.indexOf('&action=description') == -1) return true; // Make sure it has a description
        $.get(href, function(data) { // Load and insert into place under title
            target.closest('.task-board-expanded').find('div.task-board-title').after('<span class="description">'+data+'</span>');

The added description has class .description so you can style it/limit the number of characters with overflow and css ellipsis

Add colour based on assigned category: