Time Tracking Enhancements


There has been some discussion about time tracking in the old Github issues tracker. It is an area that would make KB substantially more useful when working with clients. Some thoughts are to put a timer directly on the card to create time records, adapt an interface that will allow manually creating or editing time records including the start and end time. I’ve been using Stinnux’s Time Tracking Editor. It is no longer supported, but I’m going to try and pick it up.

With creecros’ AutoSubtask plugin, it is possible to manage all time in the subtask realm. Some cards are “one and done” and it would be super to have a timer on the card and have that single time entry included with the subtask values…moving towards a more unified or generic time tracking method / table.

Is there a current way to generate time reports by date range?



yes, there is: in form of a csv-file. you can access the cog wheel icon (see screenshot) and select exports.
Then “subtasks” and select your desired date range.export



yvalentin’s Time Machine may have some features you may find useful:



@sebastian, @creecros,

Thank you both for your assistance. The export function will work fine, and I believe yvalintin’s Kanboard Time Machine will also suffice for current needs.

I’m interested in trying to make a way to add time directly from the card that would be associated at the task level. Combining the task time totals and the subtask time totals yields a total task time. With some minor db changes such a feature could provide overall task time (task level + subtask level), total subtask time, total time at task level, and total time for each or any individual subtask.

The motivation for this is the fact that many actions are taken against a task, but they aren’t really subtasks and they still need to have their time accounted for. Creating a default subtask for every task that captures initial time is functional, but it limits the time analysis.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you again.



I believe that currently, total task time = sum (all subtasks).

The simplest solution, would be to automatically add a subtask for every task, a call it “task time” or something similar, and add you general task related time there.

You could also add a general task time column to the schema, and then figure out where the algorithms are taking place, and replace them, then add an entry to a form of your choosing. It might be simple, depends on where they are calculated.

Just adding an input, which would add task time to the total, would not work, without a column, as total time = sum (all subtasks ), so it would loose any time you add to that directly, every time it reclculates.

p.s. I am going on memory here. I didn’t actually look at it, so I could be wrong…