Visual issue in Gantt diagram


We use KanBoard with the Gantt plugin and the KB-themeplus-gray theme.

When viewing Gantt diagrams we have an issue where the elements in the diagram is not on line with the elements in the west panel.

This can be seen in here:

  1. The item #637 is not on the same horizontal level in the grid and the west panel.

  2. This seem to happen because the items in the grid seem to “drift” when we look further down.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue with or without that theme? Thanks for all help!


@eagleoforth I tested on Kanboard v1.0.45, 1.0.46, 1.1.0 with only Themeplus Stgrey and Gantt plugin installed, using latest chrome. I could not reproduce. Anymore details?


@creecros Thanks for your answer.

We are on KanBoard 1.2.5.

Installed Plugins are:

  • Telegram
  • Gantt
  • Theme Plus - Custom by Dataprev 0.1.0 alpha

(I guess the last one is just the stgrey theme which I installed by copying it into /plugins/)

If I move the Themeplus directory away from /pugins/ the issue is gone (but so are the beatiful theme)…

With the theme installed the issue is back, tested on latest Chrome and latest Firefox (Win+Linux).


Ok, I’ll spin up a 1.2.5 server and test again, next chance I get.


@eagleoforth ok, spun up v1.2.5. And out of the box, notice, this theme is not compatible.

Did you make modifications to make it work?


Hi again, @creecros.

I did not make any change to the theme and everything seems to work fine (except the Gantt view issue).

Hope we are talking about the same theme? I did not make a note of where I downloaded it from*, but the file is called “”.

Thanks a lot for all help on this!


got it. that one works.

replace the gantt.css in the Gantt Plugin, with

see if that fixes.


@creecros Thanks a lot! That solved it perfectly.

Thanks for all help!



Glad I could help!