Writing back to the Database slowing down

I observe a slowdown in Writing operations using Kanboard on PG14.3.
Reading a page is not affectet, but entering a comment or adding a Link or a file takes minutes.
Sometimes, the Page will not even refresh allthough the Task was completed.

Any Ideas where I could check to find the issue.


what is PG14.3? never heard that before


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ah well that makes sense.

that also should be the most performant database backend

worlds most advanced open source database! really not enough information to even ponder. for all i know the database is running on a 20 year old cpu he found in his neighbors trash bin.

Well, public service, what can I say. More informative would be a hint where to start observing mesurable effects of my try and error search for the source of the phaenomenon. Since I probably singeled out a specific project, I started shutting down information by mail, not knowing whether the creation of the respective mails does halt other actions. Thought you have more creative ideas about where to poke?! I observe other effects, Most probably linked to a timeout: Subtask creation does not create more then 3 items from the list and forgets the rest… I keep hunting…

the 1 thing i am not, is a database expert. I would at least start with I/O speed, size of database, search similar problems, look for any errors, check my debug logs. It would help to give us an idea of the database config, what system is it running on, etc. someone here might be a database expert. I remeber a few postgres threads with issues on this forum, pertaining to what, i cant remember.

and to clarify, it is running on a 20yr cpu found in your neighbors trash bin? Problem solved. :smile:

could be similar.

Sounds like a thread. But as far as I observe, the phenomenon is hooked to one Project only and thus I wondered if any Project feature would trigger such a behaviour. @creecros: I take it for admiration on your part that I found that soon to be valuable piece of hardware and got PG to run on it…:innocent::wink:

honestly i was joking, i used a 2002 old hp laptop for my server until it died last year. never had any issues with speed.

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: like your kind of humor​:innocent::laughing: