Barcode In Task View?


We have the latest Kanboard installed with the MetaMagik plugin. All seems to be working well.

However, we have the need to translate the custom fields that we enter while creating a task into code 39 barcode on the task view (and print).

We use code39 font for other items that we barcode here. I’m wondering how difficult it would be to take the 3 custom text fields that we enter and translate them into 3 barcodes on the task view screen?

I’ve attached an image of what we are looking to achieve.

Thank you in advance.

I dont know what you know, so no idea how difficult it would be, for you…

Should be simple, for me though.

Are you interested in making the modifications? If so, please PM me a price.

Cant PM on this forum, that I know of.

PM me there.