Best way to show colours?

I’m surprised nobody has tackled this yet, but what is the bext way to show the colors in Kanboard?

Even the default colours are not shown anywhere, just in a model.

Maybe i’am missing the forest through the trees: what do you mean?

Cheers, Fx

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haha I mean to show the ACTUAL colour rather than just tell us… like when creating a task, we have the colour picker…

Ah, ok.

I asked because i would like to have individual colors for the column header background und font. Per Board :grin:

I guessed your question went maybe in that direction.

Anyway: that is also a good idea.

I use Kanboard for a few weeks and it feels like the development especially for the topic “plugins” has fallen asleep somewhat (no complains here).

Hopefully this wil get better again.

I’am not bad in programming myself, but i’am not a php guy. I tried anyway to add translation to the DueDate plugin and comit the branch. I am curious if it will go into the master :smiling_face:

never used that plugin, but curious to the point of it, can already sort columns by due date since 2019.