Can we Remove the Unique Project Validator for Project Emails?

This commit was done 6 years ago, I think it needs changing. I am in a situation where the same email address is being used for different projects but this validator stops me from getting email reports.

Can this line be removed safely? Or can somebody help/guide how adjust the code to allow for the same email address to be used across multiple projects?

Anybody know how to combat this?

This doesn’t really hit me, I still have the option of defining mail aliases. But this is outside Kanboard.

As I can see, the reason for the requirement “unique” is unknown or at least very vague, the constraint could IMHO be removed, or at least made optional.

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there seems to be no way to override it because its not a template so its a core code change sadly :frowning: but thanks, at least i know its a useless line

Beware, it’s just my best guess! :open_mouth:

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