Comment Hierarchy when Replying

I’m hoping I’m not missing something obvious as I couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, and feel it’s a basic need. We use Kanboard for a QA team. Multiple users will report issues. To reply to them, developers are currently having to manually copy/paste the original comment, and add a “>” before each section copied and then reply. It’s still “messy” in my mind as the response may be several posts away from the original post. Is there a way to have a better hierarchy in the comments section where replies can be put directly below the original post/comment? For example:

John Smith
Hello, this work really weird for me…
   Josh Chin
   Hello John, can you try now? Fixed some things…
   John Smith
   Yes, much better now!!

Thank you!

it would be fairly complex to incorporate, but anything is possible.

it’s markdown, though,

you can quote original comments like above

think you can even use links to the comments anchor