Comment mention without suggestion


in the comments, no users are proposed at a mention, is this normal or a bug?

greetings john

Can you open the element inspector (F12 on most browsers), leave it open and start typing @ and first characters of the user’s username and attach here the screenshots of the console and network tabs?

First guess, disable any plugin that change the UI and try again.

MarkdownPlus would definitely be a likely culprit, with the auto shortcode feature.

I’m using MarkdownPlus and haven’t had any problem!


app.min.js?1564087401:231 Uncaught ReferenceError: getCaretCoordinates is not defined
    at renderMenu (app.min.js?1564087401:231)
    at onItemFetched (app.min.js?1564087401:224)
    at app.min.js?1564087401:223
    at XMLHttpRequest.request.onreadystatechange (app.min.js?1564087401:29)

hmm… have you made any chages to your app.min.js? I told you on another thread, about the H1, H2, H3 editor buttons to make a few changes to the file, did you do it? If so, perhaps it broke something. Can you post your app.min.js file here? (google drive, pastebin, anything)

I have not changed anything in this file:

okay, just saw this is the latest version on master. I think the latest version is broken, the app.min.js assets are different from before. Can you please open an issue mentioning your error?
When I have some extra time I`ll see if I can fix it, but fguillot is changing the way the minified files are built.

I have submitted the issue:

I’m working on the solution right now, it seems simple. Still figuring out the new assets minifing management.

The fix was applied to the master branch. Update your kanboard and it should be fixed.

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Thank you to fix the issue.