Companies and contacts


As a feature request, I’d like to be able to record companies and contacts to associate them to tasks in order to know for exemple witch project manager is in touch for a specific task with a fast look-up to his e-mail and phone number. It would be great. It’s realy missing in the business context.

I know there is a blugin for costum fields but, it would be more interesting to have a dedicated fonctionnality in the core of Kanboard.

Is there a way to propose and to submit to a vote any feature ?

Here, is the appropriate place to make feature requests.

I generally prefer to make plugins, and would not spend time on this feature as a PR, because i think it would go against the simplicity that fred advocates. But im not fred. So, who knows.

You have options though, MetaMagik being one of them. You could also seperate your customers via projects.

Yes, I understand the KISS (keep it simple stupid) philsophy of Fred for Kanboard.

In my opinion, Kanboard can stay simple by having only an adress book with link to tasks just like the internal links between tasks. But I understant if Fred does not agree with that.

The fact is that I am forced to use 3 open source softwares separately to satisfy my needs:

  • One for Company and contact management (dotproject waterfall methodology before switching to Kanban)
  • One for full real Time tracking with usable reports (Kimai)
  • One for Kanban methodology (Kanboard)

It is the minimum for Enterprise management and it is uncomfortable to swith between 3 interfaces without synergies.

I’m not saying that Kanboard must become a CRM online software, I’m just saying that we can find a balance between simplicity and real need for Management.


I believe that there is a real requirement here. We have to find a simple and lean project for managing just the master data of customers and contacts (I call this a contact management project, not a CRM). This project should run on the same server as KB, with the same resources and should be integrated with KB easily.
Currently KB has %70 percent of the task management needed for a SMB and the mail thing absent is Customer master data to be related to projects and tasks.
I check for Google Contacts to integrate to KB. Google Contacs is good on contacts but weak on the Cusmomer side.
I wish to know how do the community members deal with this problem?