Costum analytics


is it possible to create custom analytics? We need to see the number of alle taks and subtasks assigned to the users

You can try my plugin. I embedded a BI tool (Metabase) to achieve a similar goal.


I’m having trouble activating your plugin friend… could you help me?

Sure,what’s the problem?

It just doesn’t open anything, when I click on metabase, I don’t know if you’ve already put any graph natively or if it’s really up to us users to put

Metabase is a third-party product, not a component of EmbedAnything.
If you want a dashboard similar to my screenshot, you have to install and set it first.

EmbedAnything only makes embedding a web page into Kanboard possible.
I think docs on may help you.

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friend would it be very uncomfortable for you to host your version of the plugin with the graphics you already use? would it be possible ?