Help with charts in EmbedAnything

I’m having trouble inserting graphics because I’m not a developer, could someone please make available some graphics that they use in EmbedAnything? Or even explain to me exactly how to apply?

How is this related to Kanboard?

he is referring to:

Jesus – but good to know. Thanks!

First at all, You must have the thing that you want to watch on your kanboard instance.
You create an iframe code and paste it to embed anything plugin and you will see it on kanboard board
It is an amazing job you must have it.

Hi cantguardvini,

I’m the author of EmbedAnything. What you saw in the preview image is an open-source data mining tool which is called Metabase, you can find more information on its website.

Install Metabase on your server is not complicated, but turning your data from Kanboard to diagrams needs some basic SQL skills. You can have a try by yourself by following the docs on the Metabase website.

I may write an instruction in my repo if I have time.

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Thanks my friend!!!