Datepicker doesn't work reliably on mobile portrait mode

I’m having an issue where the Datepicker (I believe that Kanboard uses jQuery UI Datepicker) is not working reliably on iOS (both Safari and Chrome) in portrait mode.

It’s funny because it seems to work correctly when creating a task, but it doesn’t seem to work when editing a task. If I use landscape mode and refresh, it seems to work again (It also works fine when doing mobile testing in Chrome and Safari on a Desktop).

I’ve tried this with a clean installation and with multiple themes. The theme doesn’t change the issue. I’m updated to Kanboard v1.2.12, and I run Kanboard in Docker.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

I’ll mention that this has been an ongoing issue, not a new issue with the latest update. I’ve had this problem since we’ve started using Kanboard (January of this year). I’ve just now been pressed to find a fix, as it interferes with our workflow.