Duplicate task - no copy of start time


I use recurring tasks to postpone meetings or cyclical working times from week to week.

To do this, I trigger the recurrence when passing the current tasks in the last column (task completed).

The duplication is performed from the date of the task, 7 days later (cycle of one week).

The task is duplicated with properties (Assigned person, category, end time) but the start time is not replicated, which forces me to modify each new task.

Do you have a solution to please duplicate the start time?

Thank you for your help.


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seems to still be a problem, same exact description as above. this is particularly problematic if you have this associated with a calendar (ICS) - it does not show the date time correctly…

Well, it inserts the task as “all day”, without time, at the correct due date. I wouldn’t name this as wrong.
But it doesn’t start the new task, as @pchauvier mentioned.

I don’t use nor need this feature, but I see this as a valuable option within the edit recurrence dialog.